About MedicVan
Medic Van offers state of the art
non-emergency ambulance service in and around Toronto and the G.T.A., 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Common destinations:
  • Dialysis treatments
  • Radiation treatments
  • Rehabilitation sessions
  • Doctor appointments
  • Fracture clinics
  • And any medical treatment
  • Long distance inter city transfers
  • Trips to or from the Airport
  • Trips to cottage country


Our Services
MedicVan provides a comfortable, timely and friendly service for people with physical limitations who need special medical assistance while traveling to or from healthcare facilities.

Live Dispatchers
If you have any questions regarding our service, or would like to book a transfer, please contact us at (416) 222-8470. Our Live Dispatchers will be happy to assist you.

Book a Transfer
If you would like to book a transfer please contact us at (416) 222-8470. Please have the booking information available by the time of your call.